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A cancelled game, called "Crash Landed", was in development by Radical Entertainment. It appears it would have been a reboot of the series. The plot was based around Crash trying to save primitive bandicoots (or 'bandicutes' as they were called in the concept art) from Neo Cortex. Dingodile would have served as a secondary antagonist.

The game was cancelled in 2010 after two years of development. After Activision acquired the rights to publish the franchise, they decided to lay off the entire Radical Entertainment studio behind Crash Landed. Activision's decision to not pass the project to a different studio suddenly halted its progress forever.
Contributed by SpaceChimp
Skies of Arcadia
A PlayStation 2 version of the game was planned to be released around the same time as the GameCube version. However, the PlayStation 2 port was dropped in order to focus on the GameCube version.
Contributed by gamemaster1991
Fallout 3
Fallout 3 was originally being developed around the early 2000s by developer Black Isle Studios under the codename Van Buren. The game was an RPG similar to the previous installments played from a top-down view and would've used the engine from the canceled "Baldur's Gate III: The Black Hound". The game would've been set in the southwest of America and the story focused around a prisoner who escapes from prison and trys to discover why he was there in the first place and to stop a scientist named Presper from unleashing a virus to cleanse the world of non-pure blood humans. The project was canceled after Interplay had laid off the development team, however a tech demo was later leaked onto the internet.
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
Grand Theft Auto
After the PlayStation version's successful release, development began on a port for the Nintendo 64. Grand Theft Auto 64 was rumored to have graphical enhancements and new missions, but was cancelled without ever having a public appearance.
Contributed by ClaudX
Diablo was at one point also being developed for the Game Boy but was later canceled for unknown reasons. A tech demo was produced but had never been shown to the public.
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
Series: Donkey Kong
With the success of Donkey Kong Country, Nintendo gave Rare permission for a sequel on the Virtual Boy. This happened just after the launch of the Virtual Boy and was only in the early planning stages for a matter of weeks before it was cancelled due to lack of sales of the Virtual Boy console.
Contributed by ThisGuyInTheSuit
Series: Star Fox
There were three canceled Star Fox games.

The first, planned for the SNES, was a sequel to the original game and titled "Star Fox 2" and shelved in order to continue the series in 3D on the N64.

The second was a Virtual Boy release titled "Star Fox" which was canceled to the poor sales of the Virtual Boy.

And the last was an arcade version (also titled "Star Fox"), though very little is actually known about it or why it was canceled. The only known image of this game is shown in the attachment.
Contributed by DidYouKnowGaming
Mind Quiz: Your Brain Coach
Your Brain Coach was voluntarily pulled from stores in the United Kingdom after release due to complaints that the word "spastic" was triggered when a player didn't perform well. The game was never re-released, but is still sold with the European English language in Australia, as it isn't considered particularly offensive there.

A similar incident occurred with Mario Party 8 just one month later.
Contributed by Dazz
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