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Console: GameCube
The soft reflections used for the GameCube's startup animation and menu are the same texture file that Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask use for shiny items.
Contributed by SonicManEXE
Kid Icarus
NSFW - This trivia is considered "Not Safe for Work" - Click to Reveal
In the instruction manual, the enemy "Siren" is shown naked with breasts, including nipples.
Contributed by pokedude720
Kingdom Hearts
In the Secret Place, on Destiny Islands, the walls are covered in paintings which seem to foreshadow some of the earlier events in the game. For instance, there is a painting of Sora winning at the coliseum; the tree house from Deep Jungle; and Pluto waking Sora up in Traverse Town.
Contributed by bksonic
GoldenEye 007
David Doak, a video game developer who once worked for Rare, was part of the Goldeneye 007 development team. He was rendered into the game as Dr. Doak in the 2nd mission.
Pokémon Black & White
TM67 Retaliate & TM94 Rock Smash both have a sprite oversight where the TM Sprite does not match the Type in the HUD.
Retaliate is a Normal move but is shown as a Dark Type in the Sprite.
Rock Smash is a Fighting move but is shown as a Rock Type in the Sprite.
Contributed by AussieYak
Pokémon Red & Blue
There is an exploit that, when used correctly, allows your Ditto to trick a wild Pokemon into using Transform.

This is only possible with the Pokemon Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Spearow, or Fearow as they are the only wild Pokemon who know Mirror Move. If your Ditto uses Transform on a wild Pokemon who uses Mirror Move in the same turn, The wild Pokemon transforms into Ditto. The game also registers the wild Pokemon as Ditto.
Contributed by AussieYak
Pokémon Red & Blue
In the Kanto region, all of the towns are named after colors, the only exception being Pallet Town, which was named after the word "palette," or a range of colors used by an artist or in a picture.
Contributed by ecylisis
Resident Evil 4
Leon was originally supposed to be rescuing Sherry Birkin in RE4 and the story was supposed to tie in with what Wesker said in Wesker's Report: "Sherry is safe in our hands". That part was, however, removed from both the game and the 10th anniversary edition of Wesker's Report.
Contributed by Mass Distraction
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
There is a fictional bar/motel called The Lil' Probe'Inn in San Andreas located north of Fort Carson. The Lil' Probe'Inn is actually a parody of the Little A'Le'Inn in Rachel, Nevada; the interior of the Probe'Inn matches the interior of the real life Little A'Le'Inn. Down the road from the Probe Inn is Area 69, a parody of Area 51.

The name Lil' Probe'Inn is spelled as deliberately as its namesake, the Lil' A'Le'Inn, whose name, when spoken with apostrophes, sounds like "Little Alien". Similarly, Lil' Probe'Inn sounds like "Little Probing", a double entendre indicating both sexual penetration and the infamous anal probes supposedly used on abductees by aliens.

Lil' Probe'Inn is additionally distinguished by a variety of photographs hung on its walls that seemingly depict flying saucers; a map of San Andreas with a number of marks is also found in its back room, likely a reference to UFO hunting.
Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins
The fourth stage of Mario Zone in Super Mario Land 2 uses Nintendo's N&B block brand, building bricks made in the 1960s. The N&B logo is placed on one brick in the level.
Contributed by Antwan
Pokémon Red & Blue
There is a man who is located at Cinnabar Island's Pokemon Laboratory who requests a Raichu in order to trade for an Electrode. After the trade is complete, the man then says 'The RAICHU you traded to me went and evolved!'

This is a translation error where the Japanese version of Pokemon Blue has a Machoke in place of Raichu where as Pokemon Red and Green have Raichu.
Contributed by AussieYak
GoldenEye 007
There are actually several floating doors in the Frigate level that are accessible if you perform a few glitches. The doors are left over from when the developers decided to turn them into doorways, but chose not to delete the doors for some reason. They still exist in the level's geometry, but only from certain angles.

In order to see them, turn on Tiny Bond from the cheat menu, and head for the first set of stairs heading down to the engine room. If you do the floating Tiny Bond glitch (crouch with R and C-Down) and walk down the stairs, you'll float over them and into the geometry of the level. Eventually you will see a door floating in space. If you open this door in mid air, go through it, and turn right, you will see a second door floating in mid-air as well. You cannot reach the second door without falling down, however.

If you plant remote mines on the floating doors, then go back around to the hallway and detonate the mines, they'll explode in front of you without any visible fireball. The explosion will merely send bits and pieces of debris flying everywhere.
Black & White
In the game there's a mechanic where you praise or punish creatures. Praising them encourages a behavior, while punishing them discourages a behavior. Prior to a patch being released, punishing your creature after it had defecated caused it to become permanently constipated.
Contributed by IkiFoo
Wing Commander
The game crashes with an error every time you exit.

Unable to track down the error in time for release, one of the programmers simply hex edited the error text to read "Thank you for playing Wing Commander."
Contributed by IkiFoo
According to Naughty Dog, Dr. Neo Cortex uses Rogaine, but only on the sides of his head.
Contributed by Ripper Roo
On the very first level, and the very first door you go through, the door gets an error and can't open. This error is the red rings of death, which was a huge problem for the Xbox 360 in its early years.
Contributed by A Zombie Riot
Console: Wii
In the console's BIOS, there is a unused disk graphic which represents a DVD Video. It's possible that there were plans for support of DVD Videos.
Contributed by Ghost
Fallout: New Vegas
In New Vegas, there is an enemy called the Y-17 trauma override harness. The suit was designed to make sure that the person inside would go back to the base he was stationed at in the event that he was unable to himself.
However this suit has some problems. It doesn't know if the user dies, and if it doesn't have a home base, it will walk forever until it's given one.

If the player has a special perk called "Wild Wasteland", they can find odd and out of place things in the game, and when fighting this enemy you will sometimes hear them say, "Hey, Who turned out the lights?"

This is a reference to the Doctor Who episode "Silence in the Library", in which the Doctor went and found some researchers who had special suits. The suits had a function in which it would keep the user alive after he died through a link called "ghost data", and could make them speak by retaining their consciousness. One of the first people who died would repeat the words, "Who turned out the lights" over and over again since the lights inside his visor were turned off.
Contributed by retrolinkx
Series: Pokémon
The name of Ghetsis, the main antagonist of Pokemon Black and White and their sequels, actually originates from his battle theme. His Japanese name, G-Cis, comes from the musical notes G and C#, which are the notes the timpani are tuned to in his battle theme. Ghetsis, his name in the English localizations, is a mistranslation. His last name, Harmonia, is Latin for "harmony", another musical term.
Contributed by ProfessionalJDub
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
The development for Majora's Mask started out of a lack of enthusiasm to work on the unreleased expansion for Ocarina of Time for the Nintendo 64 Disc Drive, dubbed "Ura Zelda". Eiji Aonuma protested the expansion, so Shigeru Miyamoto challenged him to make a sequel for the game within 1 year, in exchange, they would no longer have to make Ura Zelda.
Contributed by devilwaffle
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