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On May 5th, Overwatch entered public beta. Coinciding with this event, the pornography-hosting website Pornhub had reported that its searches for the game had increased by 817%. More than 600,000 searches for Overwatch related content on Pornhub had been made by May 23rd. Additionally, a website dedicated to Overwatch content by the name of OverwatchHentai.net has been created.

Given the nature of said content and the game itself being intended for a more broad audience, numerous takedown orders have been filed against creators of this 3rd party content, allegedly due to some creators using stolen assets taken from the game.
Contributed by Psychospacecow
Series: Strider
British rapper "Tinchy Stryder" revealed in an interview with The Guardian that the game Strider is the source of the second half of his stage name.
Contributed by ProtoSnake
Developer: Nintendo
Nintendo once attempted to buy the exclusive production rights to the Harry Potter franchise. J.K. Rowling turned it down in favor of several other proposals by media giants with greater resources, such as Disney and Universal. Whereas Nintendo was only able to offer video game adaptations of the books, these larger companies had the ability to adapt the franchise for television and film, as well as gaming.

In the end, Rowling sold the rights to Warner Bros., who would later contract Electronic Arts to create the video game adaptations of the Harry Potter film series.
Contributed by MeleeWaluigi
The Gimme Shelter level is named after the Rolling Stones song of the same name.
Contributed by SonicManEXE
Disney's Aladdin
A long-standing debate exists over which of the two Aladdin ports - one for SNES made by Capcom and one for Sega Genesis made by Virgin Games - is actually the better version. Game designer Shinji Mikami, who made the SNES version, actually claims the Genesis port is better:

"If I didn't actually make [the SNES game], I would probably buy the Genesis one. Animation-wise, I think the Genesis version's better. The Genesis version had a sword, actually. I wanted to have a sword."

Mikami cites other problems for the SNES port besides the lack of bladed weapons. The cover art also did not include the "Genie" character, who is the most iconic member of the cast. This upset a lot of fans of the movie. Mikami said:

"Originally, the front of the Super Famicom package had a genie on it. Disney said no to that, so we had to move the genie to the back of the package in a smaller size. But the Sega version, they had the genie on the front."

According to Polygon and game director Dave Perry, who created the Genesis port of the game, the lack of Genie on the front cover could have had something to do with actor Robin Williams and his annoyance at the way Disney was using his character's likeness in promotional materials, such as video games:

"That put the use of the Genie as 'sensitive' during those discussions."

Dave Perry was happy to hear about how Shinji Mikami felt about his port of the game. Ironically, his opinion was opposite of Mikami's about both Aladdin games:

"I'm really biased as we made the original game and got Disney to deliver the animation. So I'd flip the quote, 'If I didn't actually make the Genesis version I'd probably buy the SNES one'."
Contributed by ProtoSnake
During one point of the game, some reversed speech can be heard. When played backwards it says:

"There's something I have to tell you: The Walrus is Paul."

This is a reference to The Beatles song "Glass Onion", which features the line:

"I told you about the Walrus and me man, you know we as close as can be man, well here's another clue for you all: The walrus was Paul."

Spoiler:Another possible connection between the song and the game is the fact that the line "The walrus was Paul" is seen by conspiracy theorists as a message that proves Paul McCartney actually died in 1966 and was secretly replaced by a look-alike (as walruses apparently symbolize death in some cultures). Because Bad Milk's story is an interpretation of reincarnation, this could be the reason the developer's chose to use that particular line.
Contributed by Boyobmas
Mario Kart Wii
Every year, the American broadcasting network Nickelodeon organizes a survey asking children about their favorite video games. Mario Kart Wii won gold prize three years in a row (2008 - 2010).
Contributed by MeleeWaluigi
NSFW - This trivia is considered "Not Safe for Work" - Click to Reveal
A PSN player, Goron2000, received a temporary ban for sharing on Twitter an in game screenshot that showed a fully rendered and hidden vagina after accidentally discovering it. Ubisoft created a patch to cover the vagina of one particular NPC, but interestingly left penises in the game. The player's ban was eventually lifted after several gaming news sources attempted to contact Sony for comment.
Contributed by Kakariko Kid
Perfect Dark
Perfect Dark artist B. Jones's impersonation of Ms. Leadbetter, a character from the British TV series The Good Life, was the basis for her becoming the voice actress for Cassandra.
Contributed by Kakariko Kid
Perfect Dark
Nintendo requested that an American-voice actress be used for Joanna Dark. After auditions and failed negotiations, Rare decided to give Joanna a British accent voiced by Rare employee Eveline Novakovic, who had been hired as part of the music team.

Eveline Novakovic's last name, before marriage, was Fischer. She has also worked on several Donkey Kong series games and Ken Griffey, Jr's Winning Run. She has often been credited as E. Fischer.
Contributed by Kakariko Kid
Perfect Dark
B. Jones, an artist who worked on GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark, stated in an interview that there was not a "production manager, schedule, or weekly meetings, or monthly meetings, or as far as I can remember, any meetings whatsoever... People would just do things they thought were cool and would work".
Contributed by Kakariko Kid
Perfect Dark
Early on in development, half of the team working on Perfect Dark left Rare to form Free Radical Design.
Contributed by Kakariko Kid
In 2010 Kurt Kistler, the actor who played Steve, was arrested for possession of child pornography. Oddly enough in his mugshot, taken following the arrest, he wore a flannel shirt that is strikingly similar to the one he wore during that role.
Contributed by Smirkytrick
Pokemon Sun & Moon
After the killing of Harambe in the Cincinnati Zoo, many upset fans wanted Harambe to be added to the Pokedex in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Fans created a change.org petition outlining their wish, and the petition went on to gain over 120,000 signatures. Despite the amount of support, there has been no official comment from anyone affiliated with the Pokemon brand.
Contributed by EpicNoah15
According to Shantae co creator Matt Bozon, during development of the first Shantae game, publishers were having a hard time accepting the idea of having a female lead character rather than a male character.

''The most common reaction to Shantae back in the '90s was "Hey, great looking game. But who do the guys play as?" Like, we must have messed up and put the "Player 2" character in the "Player 1" spot. It felt like our work was being dismissed for no good reason, and it made no sense to me. But eventually I came to understand that these people genuinely knew their markets, and that the game would probably not sell, and that was even more irritating. So, I feel like Shantae had to exist, even if it was just to reach out and see if there was an audience reaching back."

Shantae was later picked up by Capcom in 2002 and was released on the Gameboy Color.
Contributed by CLXcool
Adventure Island
Master Higgins is based on former Hudson Soft executive Toshiyuki Takahashi, also known as Takahashi Meijin (or "Master Takahashi"), which is the character's Japanese name.
Contributed by Mass Distraction
Life Is Strange
The 'Eye of Providence' appears frequently around Blackwell Academy, including the girls bathroom, the Prescott Dormitory, and the entrance of the parking lot.

The 'Eye of Providence' is an ancient symbol that originally represented the all-seeing eye of God. It can be found in numerous settings both secular and religious, including the official seals of various cities, the stained glass windows of churches, and the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. In popular culture, however, it has come to represent a variety of conspiracy theories, usually involving Freemasonry or the Illuminati.
Despite the character designs being from the 2007 Animated Film, the game uses the voice actors from the 2003 Series by 4Kids Entertainment.
Contributed by CuriousUserX90
The song "Spring Of The East" from the games soundtrack was played during the swimming competition of the 2008 Summer Beijing Olympics.
Contributed by DrakeVagabond
Super Mario 64
During a stream of Super Mario 64, Twitch user DOTA_Teabag accidentally warped upwards in Tick-Tock Clock while trying to land on a platform on the first floor. While similar to a glitch in Bowser in the Fire Sea that allows Mario to warp into the caged portion of the level from the platform directly below, DOTA_Teabag's version did not rely on any hang-able ceilings being above Mario during its performance. This prompted Super Mario 64 analyst and Youtube personality Pannenkoek2012 to offer a $1000 reward to anyone who could submit a recording of themselves replicating the glitch in Mupen64 (a Nintendo 64 emulator) under the same criteria as when DOTA_Teabag discovered the glitch, with the purpose of reverse-engineering it.
At the time of this writing the bounty has not been collected.
Contributed by game4brains
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