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The Lion King
In the second stage "Can't Wait To Be King", if the player fails to jump over a giraffe using the ostrich, it's possible to trap Simba on a small island with no way to continue the game.
Contributed by Mr. Kite
Tekken 2
Kuma's ending in this game is a parody of Paul Phoenix's ending in the first Tekken game.
Contributed by ZpaceJ0ck0
Liyla and The Shadows of War
Liyla and The Shadows of War was originally rejected for iOS devices because Apple didn't think the app's strong political themes would be appropriate in the "Games" category. Apple then suggested that developer Rasheed Abueideh re-categorize the game as a "News" or "Reference" app. Apple rescinded this decision a week later after a public outcry, and the game is now available on iOS devices under the "Games" category.
Contributed by MeleeWaluigi
Mario Kart 7
A portion of the Bowser's Castle theme is remixed from Mario Kart: Double Dash!!'s Bowser's Castle theme.
Contributed by MeleeWaluigi
The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes
Madame Couture is actually singing her own shop's background music. Her vocals are removed from the music whenever she speaks to the player.
Contributed by HelpTheWretched
Mario Pinball Land
The shine sound effect from Super Mario Sunshine is played when showing the score at the end of a game.
Contributed by Boyobmas
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie
In the level "I'm Ready, Depression...", attacking the organ will cause it to start playing music.
Contributed by Anex
Mario Party 2
This is the first (and currently only) game in the Mario Party series where the characters' costumes change based on the board being played.
Contributed by RyuHane
The song "Hopes and Dreams" is comprised of various songs heard throught the game; some examples include "Snowdin Town" and "Your Best Friend".
Contributed by Spinjitsuninja
If you listen closely, the music played after getting a game over can be heard halfway through the song "ASGORE". Spoiler:This is fitting, as Asgore is the only main character in the true pacifist route that the player must kill.
Contributed by Spinjitsuninja
During the "Behind the Scenes of Banjo Kazooie" video in Rare Replay, the developers revealed that the decision to do garbled noises for each of the characters rather than full voice acting was due to time constraints, since recording so much dialogue would have greatly increased the development period of the games.
Contributed by CuriousUserX90
Fallout 4
The trailer for the the official Fallout 4 Garden of Eden Creation Kit (or "GECK") mod features a Giddyup Buttercup power armor suit called "Horse Armor". This is an intentional jab at Bethesda's own horse armor DLC for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which was notorious for being poorly received by the gaming community.
Contributed by Psychospacecow
Mortal Kombat
On September 20, 2008, Brandon DiCamillo of Jackass fame broke the arcade world record on Mortal Kombat with a score of 10,226,500. His record was then beaten on May 2, 2009 by Isaiah TriForce M. Johnson, and DiCamillo's score is currently ranked 3rd overall.
Contributed by Pogue-Mahone
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Within the game's code are items colloquially known as "seeds" (their real names in the game's internal memory consist of garbled data) that spawn landscape objects (such as trees, rocks, or buildings) when dropped. The game uses these items to implement the layout of each randomly generated town.

Through cheating, it is possible to place these "seeds" in the player's inventory and spawn landscape features as they please, though they will not appear until the player has entered and exited a building. Placing these objects is irreversible, and it is possible to softlock or brick the game if they are dropped in excess or otherwise abused.
Contributed by game4brains
Burnout Paradise
The announcer for Burnout Paradise, DJ Atomica, is voiced by the same person who provides commentary in SSX 3. He also references SSX several times in Burnout Paradise, possibly suggesting they are the same character.
Contributed by TheProJamer
The Amiga port uses a different piece of classical music as Frederick II's theme. Bach's "Goldberg Variations, 4th Variation" is normally used as the theme for Frederick, while the Amiga version uses Mozart's "Rondo Alla Turca" instead.
Contributed by Kitsune Hawk
The song "But Nobody Came" sped up 1600% sounds similar to another Undertale song, "Your Best Friend".
Contributed by MeleeWaluigi
Despite coming down from the sky and living underwater, Stafy is neither a starfish nor a star. When asked, the developers' usual response is simply that he is "the Prince of Pufftop".
Contributed by Mass Distraction
Street Fighter V
The game's E3 demo and initial release had a glitch on the character select screen. If the second player chose a female character, their breasts would bounce excessively. Capcom later released a patch to correct the bug.
Contributed by ProtoSnake
Series: Metal Slug
The only character transformation that does not appear in the regular arcade mode in any of the titles is the Super Devil, which makes the player extra powerful with a special weapon. This form can only be obtained in the Combat School mode of Metal Slug, Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X. Concept art of this form resembles a green demon, although all it does visually is change the character's color, making them resemble Metal Slug 3's clone enemies.
Contributed by Mass Distraction
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