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One of the random title screen splash messages "Woo, /v/!", a reference to the dedicated video game imageboard "/v/" on website 4chan, was removed from the PC Java version of the game in update ver.1.17 released in 2021. It's unknown why it was removed, neither was it mentioned in the game's official patch notes, but it's presumably due to the controversial nature of the website which Microsoft may wish to distance themselves from.

During the game's early years, the game's creator Markus "Notch" Persson had heavily promoted the game on a number of websites including 4chan, which its success he partly attributed to the website.
Contributed by KnowledgeBase
Within the game's demo, a bottle of cleaning fluid can be found in one of the homes with writing on the label. Looking closely reveals that it quotes the first verse of the 1992 song "Creep" by English alternative rock band Radiohead.
Contributed by game4brains
Kingdom Hearts III
When using the Classic Tone keyblade's Shotlock, Sora actually turns into the same exact cartoony monochrome form that he had donned when he was in the retro Timeless River world in Kingdom Hearts II. In addition, the 'portals' he comes out of and goes into during the Shotlock are extremely similar to the doorways that lead to different areas of the world that are used by the characters in Timeless River's story.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Kingdom Hearts III
During a scene with the character Demyx, he spouts the line "Yes, Demyx time!" This may be a reference to the web-series "Demyx Time", which released in the late 2000's and followed a cosplayer dressed as Demyx going over Demyx's daily life and events inside Organization XIII.
Contributed by ultimateseanboy
Kingdom Hearts III
The team behind Square Enix's Einhander helped develop the expansive Gummi Ship aspect of Kingdom Hearts III. They even included references to Einhander, including an unlockable Gummi Blueprint obtained by scanning a constellation in the Misty Stream area that greatly resembles Einhander' Endymion ship. One of Einhander's bosses, the Schwarzgeist, also cameos as a boss in Kingdom Hearts III, and a remix of Einhander 'Thermosphere' plays when the boss is fought with most Gummi ships. However, if the boss is fought with the Endymion blueprint, then the original PlayStation 1 version of the Thermosphere theme will play.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
The Kyokugenryu Dojo poster, drawn by Hiroaki, is a homage to a poster for the Bruce Lee film Enter the Dragon.
Contributed by DrakeVagabond
In a 1992 developer interview, it was revealed that Cú Chulainn's name and design were inspired by Cú Chulainn from Yousei-ou manga series.

The attached image shows Shin Megami Tensei’s Cú Chulainn design (left) and its inspiration, the Cú Chulainn character from the Ryoki Yamagishi manga Yousei-ou (right).
Contributed by ProtoSnake
Onimusha: Warlords
In the bonus mini-game, Oni Spirits, Stage six has six enemies and six vases that must be destroyed to complete the stage; referencing 666, the Number of the Beast in Christian theology. This also self referential, as Onimusha is a series about defeating demons invading the Earth.
Contributed by Regen-33
Upon catching a squid, the message that pops up will say that it's "off the hook", referencing the duo Pearl and Marina from the Splatoon series.
Contributed by CuriousUserX90
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
The Dark Brotherhood member "Antoinetta Marie" is an obvious reference to French Queen Marie Antoinette.
Contributed by ClaudX
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
During the quest "The Tower Outta Nowheres", Geralt encounters a wizard trapped behind a magical door inside a tower. The wizard claims he was trapped there by the tower's Defensive Regulatory Magicon (DRM), which locks down the tower if anyone but the original owner tries to enter it. The tower's previous owner wrote a treatise on how to remove the defenses called "Gottfried's Omni-opening Grimoire" (GOG).

The initials "DRM" are a reference to Digital Rights Management, which is used by game publishers and platforms to prevent a game's original purchaser from freely sharing digital copies of it over the internet. The initials "GOG" are a nod to the website Good Old Games, which was founded in 2008 by The Witcher 3's publisher CD Projekt. It's famous for selling DRM-free copies of games and other software so that users may freely backup and share what they purchase.

Later on, while Geralt and the wizard are escaping, the defense system notes "disturbing indications of freedom". This is likely a jab by the game's developers at aggressive DRM policies, and echoes a common criticism that DRM restricts end users from freely controlling the software they purchase.
Pokemon Go
In 2019, Pokemon Go had a cross over event with popular manga series One Piece to support the reconstruction effort of Kumamoto, Japan after the devastating 2016 earthquake. The event was a collaboration with One Piece creator Eichiro Oda (a native to Kumamoto) that spawned Pikachu wearing straw hats, and a new special Pokestop in Kumamoto for the statue of One Piece’s main character, Monkey D. Luffy (featuring special art by Oda himself). Although the global release of this event didn’t mention One Piece by name, the announcement did make hints that referenced the pirate anime.
Contributed by SOGESNAKE
Resident Evil (1996)
In the DS version, Resident Evil: Deadly Silence, at the grave beneath the second Yawn battle, there's a new angle of the tombstone that reads 'LISA TREVOR'. This references the mutant girl of the same name who first appeared in the RE remake Resident Evil (2002).
Contributed by ProtoSnake
Super Smash Bros.
The 3D portraits on the character select screen are based on character artwork from some of their home games. Mario's render is from Super Mario 64; Link's is from his artwork for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time; Donkey Kong's Donkey Kong Country artwork is the basis for his Smash portrait; Yoshi's comes from Japanese artwork for Yoshi's Island; Kirby's is from Kirby's Adventure artwork; Fox's is taken from Star Fox 64; Captain Falcon has a 3D realization of artwork from F-Zero X; Pikachu and Jigglypuff are 3D versions of Pokemon Red & Blue concept art; Samus Aran's comes from Super Metroid; Ness's is a redone done version of his Earthbound art; And Luigi's appears to be taken from Mario Kart 64.
Contributed by PirateGoofy
Fallout 4
When visiting General Atomics Galleria and entering the diner, players will find that the diner is run by two General Atomic Robots who will say that they are there to serve you. After questioning them on how they'll serve you, or simply stating you're not hungry, they'll attack the player. This is a reference to The Twilight Zone episode "To Serve Man" in which the premise is an alien race are there to seemingly help mankind, but in the end are in fact carrying a book titled "To Serve Man", a cook book on how to cook and serve humans.
Contributed by Spero
Dragon Ball Z: Legacy of Goku II
When giving Korin a Red Snapper in exchange for a Senzu Bean, he'll say "Ooooh, a Red Snapper! Very tasty!". This is a reference to a line from Weird Al Yankovic's 1989 movie, UHF.
Contributed by Zemu
Grand Theft Auto V
If the player goes near Raton Canyon at Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness between 19:00 and 20:00, they'll see a car parked on a cliff road surrounded by police vehicles that'll drive off the cliff when an officer approaches it. This is a reference to the end scene in the 1991 movie Thelma & Louise.
Contributed by raidramon0
Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks
When the player defeats Inferno Scorpion in the NetherRealm, there's a cutscene of Kung Lao putting Scorpion into the lava pit. As Scorpion is being dragged down by undead skeletons, he sinks down with a thumbs up. This is a reference to the end of the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, where the Terminator dies in the vat of molten steel, while giving John & Sarah Connor a thumbs up.
Contributed by ProtoSnake
The main theme for "The Firefighter with Heroic Aspirations" sounds extremely similar to the main theme of the 1984 film, 'Ghostbusters'. The connection is likely a nod to the fact that the Ghostbusters' headquarters is located in a firehouse.
Contributed by Boyobmas
Assassin's Creed Syndicate
One of the possible lines a boy might say when pleading for his life is “I’m just a poor boy. Please! Nobody loves me.” This is a reference to the song “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen.
Contributed by GamerBen144
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