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Top YouTube Gaming Personality References In Games
Top YouTube Gaming Personality References In Games They’re charismatic, exuberant, and they play video games just for us. They’re great at what they do and that’s why we enjoy watching them. They’ve become celebrities on the internet and various video sharing sites like YouTube, and have even gained a large following of devoted fans that praise and celebrate their work, to some extent as if they’ve been canonised.

Their image and quotes have been referenced all over the place such as on forums, shirts and even in various video games, the medium that they themselves focus on. Those who are familiar with their content may be able to easily recognise some of the references they find and know instantly who they’re alluding to. So then sit back, relax and let us divulge into the top references to popular YouTube gaming personalities found in video games.

5. Nuptup
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Jared wanted to be the best “like no-one ever was” by playing through a Nuzlocke challenge of Pokémon Fire Red. The Oddish which he caught and named “Nuptup” became one of the Pokémon which would survive with him to the end. ProJared’s series was intense and left some viewers in an emotional state, and as a reference to both the series and ProJared, the spore creature in Volgarr the Viking was named “Nuptup”. A fitting tribute in honour of a noble fighter.

4. The Completionist Achievement
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That one video gamer who seeks to complete a game one hundred percent, known as Jirard Khalil, or better known as “The Completionist”. As part of completing the game Tiny Brains, you’ll have to finish the hardest mode in the game, Jules Mode, where upon reaching the end you’ll be awarded with a small surprise. You’ll unlock an achievement titled “Intelligence Level: Completionist” accompanied by the face of none other than Jirard himself. You could say it all came full circle in the end.

3. Villager Jon
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Jon Jafari, aka JonTron, has gained a huge fan base and it’s no surprise that occasionally people have often quoted him and tried to emulate his style of comedy. In DLC Quest, in the chapter “Live Freemium or Die”, you’ll come across a couple of gravestones, one of which reads “Here Lies: Villager Jon (???-2013) Killed by the Creatures. Real Talk? He Wasn't Paying Attention.” It’s great to see a reference to Jon and Game Grumps, but hopefully the next one we find in a future game won’t be under such dispiriting circumstances such as in a graveyard.

2. Alien Organs
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Imagine having an organ or body part named after you. Well, in Surgeon Simulator 2013, in the secret Alien Surgery stage, you’ll come across some familiar sounding organs as you begin dissecting the alien creature. PewDiePie, NerdCubed and Birgirpall are just a couple of the YouTube gamers who have had organs named after them like the Pewdsball, Cubed Trangrifier and the Birgirspallex, all of whom had played the game on their shows.

1. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Cameos
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The fact that Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures is featured on this list isn’t because the game is based around Angry Video Nerd, far from it. Traversing the levels you’ll come across many cameos from YouTube gaming celebs to notable gaming commentators, some of which are hidden. Keith Apicary, Egoraptor, Brentalfloss, Angry Joe, Jim Sterling and more you can encounter who might help you along your way. Like an action figure, they even come with their own dialogue and catchphrases, some referencing their respective work.

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