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Top TARDIS Cameos
Top TARDIS Cameos As one chapter ends, another begins and with Matt Smith soon regenerating into Peter Capaldi as the Doctor, we can look forward to a new era of exciting adventures with the Twelfth Doctor (or Thirteenth if you count the War Doctor). Where the Doctor and his companions will travel to next in the TARDIS will be exciting to see. Throughout space and time he’s been to the Moon and back and further beyond to Skaro and Trenzalore. He’s seen the birth of the universe and witnessed the end of time itself. It’s possible to assume the Doctor has been nearly everywhere in the universe, but even into the realms of other video games?

Both the Doctor and the TARDIS have made numerous cameos in various video games over the years. The Doctor’s appearance is usually subtle with a simple reference to his name or his iconic attire; however the TARDIS police phone box is generally easily recognisable and very synonymous with fans that upon a quick glimpse of a Police Phone Box, it will become instantly assumed to be the dimensionally transcendental time vessel. So let’s input the co-ordinates and begin our trip through space and time looking at the top TARDIS cameos from video games.

5. Contrast
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In a game that talks about alternate universes and also deals with magic and shadows, it’s perhaps not surprising that the TARDIS would make an appearance at some point in the world of Contrast. In the level "The Usual Suspects", it’s possible to spot close to the theatre an unreachable blue phone box. Though impossible to interact with, you can always be sure that whenever trouble is afoot, the Doctor and the TARDIS will always be there nearby.

4. Call of Duty: Ghosts
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A Doctor Who reference in a Call of Duty game is perhaps one of the least expected places to find one, but in Call of Duty: Ghosts you can come across what appears to be trophy in the shape of a TARDIS next to another shaped as a Rupee from The Legend of Zelda. In the level “Federation Day”, you can find the two trophies along with various others on a shelf with the TARDIS one reading "Award For: Largest Interior With Smallest Exterior". Definitely a worthy accomplishment for anyone on Earth, but probably not on Gallifrey.

3. Asheron’s Call
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Traversing the lands of Dereth before the release of the game’s second expansion pack, there was a possible chance for a Police Phone Box to appear in random locations. Due to the theme of the game, it was definitely out of place but an obvious nod to the TARDIS and the series. However after the release of “Throne of Destiny", it was removed due to “various reasons” according to the game’s developers.

2. Taz: Wanted
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A year before the Daleks would appear in the film Looney Tunes: Back in Action, there was another small Doctor Who reference made in the Looney Tunes video game Taz: Wanted. Whenever you were given access to a challenge after collecting all the sandwiches in a level, you were greeted with a Police Phone Box with a flashing blue light to take you there. Though not bigger on the inside, the booth’s interior does feature the classic TARDIS walls with the round things seen during the time of the very 1st Doctor right up until the 7th Doctor’s era (and later a brief appearance in the War Doctor’s TARDIS).

1. Fallout
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Did you know that time travel was originally considered as a concept for the first Fallout game? Though the idea wasn’t used, it would’ve been interesting to see how it would’ve worked and how later games may’ve dealt with this concept. Wandering through the wasteland in the game, you can come across a lot of strange encounters, one of which is the TARDIS described as the “Unusual Call Box”. Upon approaching it, it will immediately dematerialise and leave behind a motion sensor to pick up. Though the Doctor didn’t seem to be able to make an appearance, it was at least nice enough of him to leave something there for us to use.

If you enjoyed reading this article, why not check out our video about the various Doctor Who Easter Eggs and references found in video games throughout history.

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